Returning in 2019

About Blockchain: Real-World Application

There has been undoubtable hype around the potential of blockchain. But once you cut through the noise and start to uncover the real opportunity within niche ecosystems and explore how blockchain could help solve specific business challenges,  conversations become complex and thought-provoking.

In 2017 we started to investigate how communities were accessing learning and networking across a variety of blockchain applications. Whilst there are a wide range of blockchain events out there, they tend to be broad in focus with content skewed towards the technology itself rather than the business application, and often critiqued for talking too much about the ‘what’ rather than the ‘how’.

We discovered that focused, meaningful conversation amongst common peer groups within niche ecosystems was missing. In early 2018 we ran our first meeting for the Insurance value chain and successfully brought together senior leaders from across the globe for a high-quality exchange of strategy and approach. We are now following up with a North American insurance meeting.

Blockchain: Real-World Application meetings are designed to:

  • Advance the adoption of blockchain and help early adopters leverage the benefits and potential of this transformational technology
  • Provide a neutral platform to bring together key stakeholders for open, honest and constructive debate to foster true shared learning
  • Deliver a high-quality, focused learning exchange on the specific challenges faced within each ecosystem around strategy, POC, collaboration, governance and regulation
  • Hear from actual business leaders who are actively engaged in the hands-on implementation of blockchain and change management, with no vendor sales pitches
  • Create a community for senior leaders who are engaged in the adoption of blockchain to enable invaluable networking and forge future collaborative relationships