November 12-13, 2019


Partnership Opportunities

Blockchain Real-World Application conferences offer the opportunity to meet committed senior-leaders invested in blockchain as a solution for their business. We know it’s not easy to identify those making decisions about blockchain across business sectors. Through our marketing and research we bring to the surface highly engaged decision-makers and active implementer. Our events put you face to face with those driving blockchain

Our attendees seek partners to help develop the strategy and business engagement; build PoCs and overcome technicalities in the journey to scalability. This is your opportunity to build long-lasting strategic relationships with specific industry sectors.

  • Targeted & Specific Blockchain Solutions – Can you help solve specific business problems faced by a niche ecosystem? Does your solution offer ways to deliver efficiency, new revenue or to transform a business process?
  • Enterprise Blockchain Platforms – Do you have a scalable blockchain platform that can help businesses meet their goals? Is your solution reliable, interoperable and secure?
  • Consortiums or Associations – Can you help foster collaboration across a niche ecosystem? Can we help you demonstrate your expertise, build relationships and attract new members?
  • Law Firms – Can you help guide businesses through the governance and legal issues related to consortiums, IP and smart contracts? Are you an industry specialist who also understands blockchain?
  • Consultancies – With blockchain adoption only at the tip of the iceberg, can you help advance decision-making and implementation? Can you help manage the risks and deliver ROI?

Joseph Cofield

Partnerships Director

+44 (0)20 3854 2407

Cofield, Joe