November 13-14 2018 | Philadelphia

Day One
Tuesday, November 13 2018

Day Two
Wednesday, November 14 2018

Chair Opening Remarks

The Insurance Context

Opening Keynote Address – Unlocking the Transformative Potential of Blockchain


  • Enabling new ways to conduct transactions between organizations on a transparent platform
  • Going beyond marginal change: Exploring disruption and radical change that blockchain could bring to the insurance industry
  • Improving transparency and efficiency across the entire value chain: What can blockchain really deliver in actual cost savings?
  • Overcoming the disincentives in the system to embrace blockchain

Building Momentum for Blockchain Investment and System-Wide Change


  • Why blockchain and why now?
  • Reviewing the adoption of blockchain across the wider business community
  • Understanding how business leaders are engaging with blockchain for success – a strategic lever not a technology project
  • Making the case for initial capital investment vs potential to reduce transaction costs

Defining Existing Pain Points & Evaluating Blockchain Opportunities Across the Insurance Value Chain


  • Evaluation of existing insurance environment and landscape
  • Overview of existing industry pain points for both insureds and insurers
  • Why and how can distributed ledger technology help?
  • Overview of the insurance value chain
  • Discussion on a few potential use cases within the value chain


Speed Networking & Refreshments

Realizing Opportunities

The Story So Far: Where Are We Now & Where Are We Going?


  • How the industry is leveraging consortia to identify and pilot blockchain opportunities
  • What have been the lessons learned to date?
  • What next for blockchain development, what is the future?

Panel Discussion – Building Your Blockchain Strategy to Move Beyond POC


  • Developing an organisation mission and strategic plan to optimise opportunity
  • Identifying and prioritizing opportunities within your organization
  • Benchmarking approaches to measuring ROI to identify worthy investment opportunities
  • Exploring different strategies for prioritizing short vs long term efficiency savings
  • Utilizing your first blockchain project to set up the foundations for future initiatives to facilitate easier implementation
  • How to aim for Radical Transformation vs Marginal Change
  • Exploring new revenue opportunities


Panel Discussion – Evaluating Alternative Collaboration Models: What Is Right for You?


  • Reviewing the range of consortium models being pursued currently in the insurance market
  • Assessing appetite for investment and risk – how to consider the best route for your organization
  • One consortium model vs multiple consortium approaches – which is the quickest and best route to success?
  • Dealing with multiple blockchains and the challenges that may present
  • How will consortiums evolve and develop to broaden the extent of blockchain projects?

Envisaging a New Marketplace: The Role of the Broker


  • Redefining the role and responsibilities of the broker
  • How can brokers utilise blockchain as an opportunity to deliver new value
  • What efficiencies can blockchain allow brokers to offer consumers


Understanding the Transformational Possibilities of Blockchain for Insurance: A New Future for Healthcare


  • Exploring the potential for blockchain to eliminate inefficiencies and lengthy claims cycles in a notoriously complex insurance ecosystem
  • Outlining how blockchain initiatives will comply with HIPAA legislation
  • What patient information will be required and how will it remain secure?
  • How can blockchain drive sales, increase customer engagement and
  • Redefining partnerships between healthcare professionals, insurance companies and policy holders

Session reserved for Expertise Partner

Audience Discussion – Engaging Your Business in a Marketplace Model – Culture & Change Management


  • How to build momentum around the vision for a new economic structure
  • Gaining board buy-in and business sponsors: what do you need to ask of your management?
  • Structuring the business for change and enabling cross-division, multi-stakeholder technology innovation
  • Who will lead and execute the change – is there a need for an ecosystem leader?
  • Are Tech Innovation groups the answer to bring blockchain into the business?

Chair’s Closing Remarks

Drinks Reception